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Everything you need to know before joining us can be found in here. Please be sure to read all relevant information before creating your character. If you're not sure where to start, try the Getting Started / Introduction page.
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If you have any questions or suggestions for us, this is the place to put it, and it will help people in the future who have the same questions. It's possible to contact the administration through personal messages and the chatbox, however, we can't always be around, so a member could help you out too.

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Be sure to post your application within the appropriate subforum. All applications must be finished within five days, and one extension of five days can be requested by posting in the topic. If your application is moved to the pending forum, you will receive a PM about how to edit your application for acceptance.
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This is where you'll find all of the claims and listings for Imperium. You MUST post your claims in all relevant topics after being accepted so that we can easily keep track of everything on the site.
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If you're looking for a character to interact with yours, post them here. Alternatively, if you want a new character, this is an excellent place to start. If you do not register to the forum within five days of claiming a want ad, we will consider it reopened.

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The Worldbuilder is for collaborative discussion to flesh out the setting of Ilium. However, none of the information in this forum is required reading! If something is important enough to be mentioned in the site information, it will be put there by a staff member.
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Think of the Addendum as a place to put character extras and other content related to the game, inspiration, fanfiction, extended biographies, thread trackers, journals, music, and anything else you want. Go wild, and have fun!

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As the home of perpetual winter, Zhaoshang is less popular with those accustomed to warmer climates, but it is a stunning city nevertheless. Newcomers are advised to use a guide, as Zhaoshang's endless tiers can prove intimidating to those unused to the city. Despite this, Zhaoshang possesses a haunting beauty that charms even the hardest of hearts.
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Widely regarded as the most beautiful city-state in the empire, Persad's chain of islands are famous for their gorgeous sunsets and vast array of wildlife. Most of the empire’s fleet is here, perfect for those interested in the might of the Imperial Navy. For others, the Imperial University sits on the largest island, where both young and old unite in the pursuit of knowledge.

   Current location of the imperial court
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Lucenna is a lively and passionate region, home to flamboyant nobles who make every feast unforgettable, architecture and art that provides a feast for the eyes, and a warm climate that renders the region fairly hospital. The City of Lights lies on the southern coast of the Lucenni peninsula and is the largest, most bustling city in Ilium.
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Scorching temperatures make Nejem inhospitable to some, and those people would say that the Nejemese prefer it that way. Despite the heat, most in the city are open and welcoming, offering shade and sweet drinks to travellers and natives alike. Some also say that a Nejemese’s resilience comes from being raised in a desert; visiting Nejem, it isn’t hard to see why.

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O Asterismós is sacred ground, a chain of islands and a beating heart in the midst of the Ilian sea. It is commonly referred to as the Asterian Islands or the Star-Islands by those who find the old tongue cumbersome. Considered neutral territory within the Empire, it is filled with many curiosities and is mostly uninhabited for fear of the great and divine things that are said to reside here. Nevertheless, a very small settlement can be found at the edges, comprised of scholars and followers of the Faith. The most notable landmarks are the Ilian Citadel (which contains representations and records of all the past imperials), the Asterian Temple, and the Oracle within. To visit O Asterimós is an experience which inherently ties spirituality with knowledge; the things here are ever-shifting, the land eerily alive, and those who stray from the path have been known to disappear forever. Fate is very likely to appear in threads here.

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