Trophies & Achievements

Participating in achievements is completely optional, but each one does earn you some crowns!

Member Achievements

These are awarded to you for being an awesome member! Once you've earned one, you can assign it to any one of your accounts.
Site Spirit Award
For being an outstanding member; awarded at admin discretion
Welcome Wagon
10♕ Posted in at least 5 introduction threads
Face in the Crowd
Created an NPC
Tag Fiend
25♕ Posted in at least 10 times in Imperium's tumblr tag (#imperiarpg)
Shameless Promotor
50♕ Posted want ads (can be for your character or someone else's) on RP resource sites at least five times
Imperial Bard
25♕ Posted a new storyline
Gotta Catch 'Em All
25♕ Made a character in each principality (does not include foreign or provincial characters)
25♕ Posted 10+ times in the Worldbuilder
Make a Wish
10♕ Celebrated a birthday while being an active member of Imperium
Party Rocker
Participated in Imperium's first birthday bash. Limited edition; now closed.
5♕ per dollar donated Thanks for helping us out!
3 Months Strong
10♕ Has been a member of Imperium continuously for 3+ months
6 Months Strong
25♕ Has been a member of Imperium continuously for 6+ months
1 Year Strong
50♕ Has been a member of Imperium continuously for a year or more
A Beautiful Butterfly
Stuck through the time jump; limited edition

Character Achievements

Character achievements must be earned in game. They will not count if stated in an application or if they happen "offscreen." You must provide a link to the thread(s) where they take place. Each of these achievements counts for a single character only. This means you can earn the same achievement several times, if you have multiple characters.
Level Up
10♕ Achieved a higher rank or respectable position: inherited land, became a knight/Goldshield, voted into the Imperial Council, etc.
Level Failed
10♕ Demoted or lost respectable position
Honor Connoisseur
25♕ Gained positive reputation for their house (as seen in the house records)
Family Disgrace
25♕ Lost reputation for their house (as seen in the house records)
Spirit of Competition
Varies Participated in an official / sitewide tournament
10♕ Personally committed or ordered the murder of another character
Love Hurts
10♕ Confessed their love sincerely to another character, after at least 3 previous threads together
Til Death Do Us Part
10♕ Got married
Boss Battle
10♕ Participated in a duel or other physical fight
25♕ Has a thread in each principality and at sea
Smooth Operator
10♕ Had romantic or sexual interactions with 3+ separate characters
20♕ Has 5+ correspondence threads
Forever Young
30♕ Has 3+ pre-473 flashback threads
10♕ 50♕ Has posted in Court Hearsay at least five times; currently worth 5x more!
The Flash
15♕ Finished a thread within three days of the first post
Odyssey Thread
25♕ Has a thread with 5+ pages
The Gods Play Dice
25♕ Encountered fate in at least 3 threads
A real fake gamer
25♕ Posted in the games forum with one character 25+ times
It's Alive!
25♕ Has 25+ character development posts in the addendum

The Honor Point Game

These are like character achievements in that they're awarded on a per-character basis, but they aren't earned by threading. Instead, you have to take part in the out of character HPG!
Model Citizen
Received the most honor from other characters.
Lives in Infamy
Had the most honor taken away by other characters.
50 Shades of Morally Grey
Had their honor affected by other characters, but still ended with 0.
Honor Altruist
Gave the most honor to other characters.
Honor Thief
Took the most honor from other characters.
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