1 ♕
Per Post
For every post made on the forum, whether in or out of character. This will be added automatically to your account; do not post here to claim them!
5 ♕
Filling a graphic request
For every completed request in the graphic shop.
5 ♕
Filling a Want Ad
For making a character to fill any of the want ads (not character ideas) found in the character requests forum.
5 ♕
Arts & Crafts
For every creation you make dedicated to Imperium (graphic, fanmix, fanfic, fanart, short videos, lore submissions, etc); may be posted in the site tumblr tag, personal addendums, or elsewhere on the forum. Please provide a link!
10 ♕
Extra Effort
For every fanvideo over two minutes long or fanfiction/lore contributions over 500 words.
10 ♕
10x Voting
For every 10 posts made in the Kiss Me, I Voted thread.
10 ♕
Oneshot / Solo Thread
A oneshot or solo thread occurs when you want to canonically advance the plot of one of your characters in a single post or by RPing with yourself.
15 ♕
Rapidfire/Chat Log Thread
Imperium does not have a word minimum, so your posts can be as short as you want them to be. That said, sometimes it's more fun to RP via a chat service, especially for conversation-heavy or silly threads. If you want these threads to be canon, they must be cleaned up and posted in the correct forum, at which point you can claim this.
25 ♕
Finishing a Thread
For finishing an in character thread. Each participant must have posted at least 3 times. If you have a very short thread or a dropped one you may collect 15 points instead.
50 ♕
Member Referral
Refer a friend to Imperium, and you can earn points after their first character is accepted! Please tell them to PM an admin or mention that they were referred in their application.
Many achievements can earn you 10 or more crowns! See how to earn them here. Achievement points will be automatically added upon claiming, do not request them here.

Member Shop

5 ♕
1 day of extended reserve/app time
You may buy up to seven days of extended reserve and application writing time. Please indicate which application / reserve you wish to extend.
25 ♕
Cbox Filter
You may choose one filter for the cbox to be enabled for at least one week (for example, a colored username). If the filter is not confusing or commonly used in regular conversation, it may stay longer. Must be approved by staff.
25 ♕
Personal Forum
You can purchase this if you would like your own personal forum in the Addendum. This is handy for if you want to keep all of your personal content in the same place. Otherwise, you can post any of your extra content in the appropriate subforums.
50 ♕
Canon List Details
This gives a single character of your choice a details dropdown on the canon list. Give us no more than a paragraph; you can also include a link to a want ad. This will remain on the canon list permanently unless you ask to have it taken down or leave the site. You do not have to pay to edit.
50 ♕
Featured Character Request
Your character will be featured at the very top of the house directory and request forums for two weeks (unless there is nobody else waiting), sure to catch the eye of anyone making a new character.
50 ♕
Additional character
While your first two characters are free, additional character slots must be purchased. You must purchase this prior to reserving.
75 ♕
Custom shield for minor house
Allows you to commission a custom shield for your character's house with the heraldry of your choosing. One shield per house. It will be added to the minor house list and be available for use like the other house shields with :housename:
75 ♕
Personal Shield
Allows you to commission a custom shield for your character's mini profile as a "coat of arms."

Character Shop

30 ♕
Shadowhide Thread
A shadowhide thread allows characters instantaneous communication. Must be purchased for each thread it is used in. Purchase shadowhide at this link, not in the shop.
50+ ♕
Working Charm
Give your character a charm that actually functions — the real thing! Describe what it will do; price may vary.
75 ♕
Bite-Sized mythical pet
Sea goats and Maybirds.
100 ♕
Intermediate Mythical Pet
Shadowcats, griffins, and bolshoba.
150 ♕
XXXTREME Mythical Pet
Dragons, unicorns, and direwolves.
100+ ♕
Harnessed Magic & Objects
If you have an idea for a type of harnessed magic or magical object that has exceptional powers, it must be approved by an administrator and bought from the shop. Price may be higher depending on its use.
100+ ♕
Healing Draught
Any healing draught that has exceptionally strong properties or accelerates healing time must be purchased. Describe what it will do; price may vary.
100 ♕
Bloodwrath Elixir
Bloodwrath induces the user into an adrenaline-fueled frenzy or berserker state. It is often used before fights, because it renders the user almost unstoppable while they temporarily forget pain. However, it is highly dangerous because in its aftermath it causes exhaustion, illness, and sometimes even death.
150 ♕
Set of two-way glass
Looking glass which reflects the world around its mate rather than itself. It does not convey sound or smell, only what is visible.
150 ♕
Deus Ex Machina
You can use this either before or after Fate appears in a thread to do one of the following: create a list of potential outcomes, determine the outcome yourself, or change what happened. Remember, the gods can both give and take great gifts, deliver prophecies, and so forth. This may be used for plot reasons.
200 ♕
Truth serum, for use on one character one time only.
200 ♕
Magic-Draining Draught
Anyone who ingests this will temporarily lose the use of bloodgifts for up to one thread.
200 ♕
Non-House Magic
Allows you to have a character with an ability that is not commonly found in their house. This will bring the character's blood legitimacy into question.
300 ♕
Additional Magic Slot
Allows you to give your character a bloodgift even if all the slots are full, or if they are from a minor house. Must be the same as the current house ability. Minor house magic must be approved.
300 ♕
Additional Power
Allows you to give your character an additional power if they already have one. Must already be present in their bloodline. This can have adverse effects on a character due to thaumatomania.
300 ♕
Blood Elixir
Blood elixirs give the user a specific bloodgift for a limited period of time, whether or not it is in their family's bloodline. They leave the user feeling drained of energy and have even been known to cause death. Effect lasts for up to 10 posts, and can only be used in a single thread.
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