Plot & Setting Crash Course

Our Setting

The Ilian Empire is the largest, most diverse empire in the known world and is almost 500 years old.

Time Period. Renaissance / late medieval. Although we are not historically accurate, the 1500s should give you a general idea of what kind of world our characters live in. Some elements are comparable to clockpunk or candlepunk.

Geography. Ilium is made up of four principalities. They are based on the four great city-states that were conquered to form the empire: Zhaoshang, Persad, Lucenna, and Nejem. Each has its own unique culture and is ruled by a royal family.

Cultural Basics. Though historically inspired, there are key differences from the average medieval fantasy setting.

  • Age of Majority. 18 years
  • Religion. The main religion is known as Stateraes. It revolves around a god and goddess, each of whom have multiple forms. Atheists and non-religious people are very rare.
  • Gender. Men and women have equal rights. Most people believe in a binary gender system wherein women are more mentally gifted, while men are more physically gifted.
  • Sexuality. Premarital sex and diverse sexualities are common and accepted. Contraception is available and fairly effective. Rape is not only illegal, but such a religious taboo that it is very rare.
  • Honor & Legacy. The honor of an individual and their family is very important. Many are very concerned with making an impactful legacy that will remain after death.
  • Magic. Magic, formally called thaumaturgy, is considered a gift from the gods and comes in different forms. However, it is also known to be dangerous and can cause madness. It is most present as genetically inherited powers.

Hierarchy. The political system depends on the organization of familial bloodlines, or houses, who own and rule over land. From most to least powerful they are royal, ducal, baronial, and lordly.

  • Imperials. There is one emperor and one empress (equal in rank and not spouses) who serve for life after being elected to the position. They have a great deal of power, although it is not absolute. They appoint an Imperial Council to assist and guide in state matters.
  • Royal Houses. There are four royal houses, one from each principality, and are the most powerful families. Imperials can only be elected from royal houses.
  • Ducal Senate. The heads of Ducal houses form a senate which elects imperials when necessary and also votes on other important matters. They are sometimes at odds with the royal houses.

Political Positions. Member groups are sorted by political position. See the politics page for more detailed information.

  • Undeclared characters may be neutral, uninformed, or not affiliated with other major political positions. Characters are sorted into this group by default.
  • Glorians support strong imperial power, expansion, and rewarding the ambitious. Their name refers to wanting to spread the glory of the empire. Generally, they are more aggressive, and may be warhawks. Glorians say they are eager to incorporate new ideas and cultures.
  • Dignitates are very traditionalist. They oppose the increase in royal power because they are concerned about anyone obtaining absolute power; they believe that the senate should have more influence over imperial decisions. Most dislike expansion because they believe foreign cultures will poison Ilium.
  • Other political positions can be made into member groups if they meet the requirements.

Our Plot

Ilium is growing larger and richer, but is slowly being destroyed from within due to the politics and intrigue of the nobility. Below are several overarching themes which are currently occurring. These also tie into smaller storylines.
  • Current events and timeline can be found here.
  • Storylines, or more detailed subplots you can sign up for, can be found here.
  • Quests are used to help advance plots and can be staff or member created. Quest signups will begin 1-2 weeks before the thread is posted, and it will also contain instructions, such as: rewards for completion, time limit for posting, objectives to be completed, and more. They will be posted here.

Power Struggles. Emperor Natanaele Corona and Empress Madhali Rana are working to increase and centralize the power of imperials and royal houses. Some believe that the current Imperials, especially the emperor, are becoming too power-hungry and dictatorial. Many members of the Ducal Senate oppose this and wish to limit such power.

Political parties have begun to take shape more than ever before in history, causing divisions. This has resulted in more distrust and debate than ever.

Conquest. The Imperials wish to expand the borders of the empire for power, wealth, and religion. Some believe that this is a bad idea because it is diverting attention from internal problems and/or because it is incorporating other cultures that Ilians see as poisonous to their own culture.

As the empire has expanded in recent months, provinces have come under Ilian rule. Noble families from these provinces are now at court and are experiencing culture shock and discrimination.

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