Membership Guidelines

  • Respect, collaboration, and communication are extremely important to us! If you don't display these as a member, you will be asked to leave.
  • Disrespecting other members, breaking rules multiple times, and not keeping in touch with us / communicating with fellow plotters are grounds to revoke membership.
  • You may create an “OOC account” that is just your username, but characters in play should have separate accounts.
  • You will lose primary player status if we don’t hear from you for six weeks. You don’t have to post to remain active, but let someone know that you won’t be around.
  • Players can submit information to the encyclopedia. Once it is part of our canon lore, it will not be removed even if the original writer disappears.


  • Imperium is rated 3-3-3 on the RPG Rating Scale. As such, we allow explicitly described foul language, violence, and sex.
  • All members must be at least 18 years of age.
  • All content within threads that is considered inappropriate for minors, such as explicit sexual descriptions or other graphic/mature content, must be placed within the [restricted][/restricted] BBC tag. If a thread has multiple posts with mature content this should be indicated in the thread title or description.
  • If the following items are referenced in a thread or post, please put a warning at the top telling us what we are about to read. Warnings can also be placed for other subject matter.
    • Sexual assault
    • Torture or extremely graphic violence
    • Domestic violence
    • Child abuse / pedophilia
    • Self-harm and suicide
    • Incest


  • Account usernames should be the character’s name in proper case, ex. Lucrezia Borgia.
  • Characters must have names that match up with their origins as detailed in the principality and house information. This can be made up as long as it fits in with the language group.
  • Characters who have backgrounds involving sexual assault (very rare in our setting), child abuse, mental illness, or other highly sensitive subjects will be subject to more rigorous review.
  • A character’s primary player(s) may dictate who else is allowed to play them or have them appear in other threads, and give other people permission to do so, such as if they are absent.
  • You are automatically the primary player of any character you personally create UNLESS they are from a major house or a detailed want ad. In these cases, you will have to apply for primary player status.
  • Some characters do not have a primary player, or are staff-managed. This means they can be threaded by anyone, as long as they adhere to established canon information listed in their profile. Contact a staff member for the account password if you want to play an open player character.
  • To create a character (accepted members only), create their account and fill out their profile according to the character profile guidelines. Once complete, you can ask a staff member to sort them into the correct member group.
  • To become the primary player of an open character (meaning you will have more control over them), you must participate in a thread begun with one of our thread prompts. After posting at least three times with the character, family members / want ad creators can either approve primary player status, or disapprove if they feel the character should be written differently.


  • There is no word minimum.
  • Players must have a basic grasp of English writing mechanics.
  • IC posts should be third person, past tense.
  • Do not use offsite templates or significantly alter text size and color.
  • Date all in character and correspondence threads as specifically as possible. Month, day, and year is preferable.
  • Oneshots, solo role play, and chat log RP (if cleaned up) can be considered canon if posted in the appropriate forum.
  • IC actions have IC consequences; your character can do whatever they want, but if it goes against societal or cultural norms or puts them in a dangerous position, they may not emerge unscathed.
  • No active characters may be killed or be grievously harmed/violated by staff or other members without primary player permission.

Graphics & templates

  • An avatar and profile portrait of the correct dimensions and reasonable quality are required. If you cannot make your own graphics, you can request them from the graphics shop.
    • Avatar: 200x350
    • Profile portrait: 400x300
  • Because avatars are prevalent in threads, please keep animated gif movement at a minimum to avoid distraction, and do not include mature content.
  • Period clothing is not required in graphics, but we would prefer to not see anything overtly modern.

Petitioning & Notifying Staff

  • To create a petition, message any staff member with what you are asking for, as much detail as you can, and why you believe it would add to your character. You must petition a staff member if you wish to do any of the following:
    • Add another magic slot to a house
    • Give a character a bloodgift that is not found in their house’s bloodline
    • Play out or write an Ilian character with sexual assault in the backstory (this is because sexual assault is EXTREMELY RARE in Ilium and seen as blasphemous)
    • Give your character a magical object
  • For the following items, you don’t have to write a petition, but you do have to NOTIFY A STAFF MEMBER so we can check to make sure it's done correctly.
    • Giving a character a mythical pet
    • Creating a new Ilian house
    • Adding a shield for a minor house
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