History of Ilium
The history of Ilium is long and complex, even when simplified. However, if you're only interested in recent events that may have affected your character, skip to The Royal Rebellion / Civil War section below.

The Dawn Age

The Dawn Age is often used to refer to more than one period of time, but each takes place before the forming of Ilium. Humans both raised and destroyed many dominions and often fought amongst themselves, as they still do. During this time, the great realms and city-states of Norvik, Zhaoshang, Persad, Nejem, and many more were formed.

Iliana the Conqueror

Iliana the Conquerer was born in an unknown land and eventually came to be a slave in the realm of Norvik. Most details are lost to history and are instead speculation, but she at some point escaped her captors with a band of fellow slaves.

They attacked those who had held them as slaves, and eventually word of their victories spread until they had amassed a great army. Iliana captured the port city of Lucenna, still small at the time, and from there she built her stronghold. The City of Lucenna has since been referred to as "The Heart of the Empire" due to its central location.

Following her conquest of Lucenna, she turned to Nejem. Unlike Lucenna, Nejem took many months to conquer, but once it fell, its sister city, Persad, followed without a fight.

Norvik, since removed from concern, refused to buckle under Iliana's new might. Now possessing true armies (and knowing that Norvik had caused these places many grievances), she razed the city to the ground.

However, destroying Norvik removed the barrier between the southern states and northern barbarians. Iliana turned her attention to the city of Zhaoshang at the same time that it came to be burdened by barbarian raiders. Despite this, the Zhaoshangese remained triumphant in their hardiness, and thousands perished.

It is said that Iliana possessed the divine right and destiny to rule, so the gods appeared to her in a dream to tell her how to conquer Zhaoshang. She cut them off from their trade routes, isolating it from medical supplies, weaponry, food, and other resources that originated mostly from the south. At last Zhaoshang succumbed and became the fourth city-state under her reign, and what became known as the Ilian Empire.

The War of Four Crowns

Upon the deathbed of Iliana the Conqueror, when asked which children should receive her lands and titles, she uttered only “to the greatest.” Her word was spread to each of the great cities, where her many children resided and married, and they all answered the call to be crowned.

Each argued that they were the greatest: Nasim because he was the strongest, Isabella because she was wisest, Veda because she was fairest, and Huang because he was the most devout. They began to fight, and coming to no conclusion, parted ways to raise armies.

After many years, their lands had been ravaged by a war of blood, and many people were dead. Seeing the destruction that they caused, Isabella at last traded her pride for wisdom and suggested that their subjects should decide. Her siblings agreed, and a council of the greatest nobles in the Empire was assembled. They voted for a man and a woman, representatives of the god and goddess, to rule them on earth. From then on, no children of the emperor and empress inherited the title, but could only be elected from one of the four great families through which Iliana’s bloodline runs strongest.

The Middle Age

During this time, Ilium flourished, and many emperors and empresses ruled and died. Many smaller eras grace this time period, depending on those who ruled and which times were filled with war or peace. Prior to the Royal Rebellion, however, Ilium was at relative peace, aside from occasional barbarian raids and house squabbles.

The Royal Rebellion / Civil War

February 473. Empress Ming Xia Huyan, despite seeming healthy, dies without warning. House Huyan accuses Emperor Nijad Haroun of murder. When called to elect a replacement empress, all of Zhaoshang's ducal houses refuse to vote, demanding justice. House Corona allies with Zhaoshang due to Natanaele Corona's former ties to them as Ming Xia's fiancé, despite having a family member married to Nijad. The ducal houses of Zhaoshang urge House Corona to rescue her from Nejem's clutches. Houses Rana and Haroun remain opposed.

April 473. Yao Ming Huyan leads the naval forces against the Persadians, although there is no clear winner. Aryana and Natanaele Corona bring the remaining land armies to Nejem. They meet initial resistance before the Nejemese barricade themselves within the city and hold Nijad's wife, Luciana Corona, as a hostage for leverage. The siege begins.

May 473. Persadian forces refuse to fight due to not wishing further cost or trade restrictions and withdraw their ships. Nejem, seeing no alternative, agrees to negotiate; the royal family has retreated after the city is taken by the Coronas. Nijad and Luciana are relinquished in return for a peaceful departure and continuation of the empire. Nijad is found guilty of murder and is executed.

June 473. Natanele Corona and Madhali Rana are elected Emperor and Empress of Ilium due to their good reputations: Natanaele's heroism and strategy, and Madhali's wisdom and peacefulness.

Current Events

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