This is a glossary of Ilian and character-related terms. You can use the search below to find any of the words on this list.
KEYWORDS: words, phrases, gestures, profanity, insults, endearments, food, fashion, people, places, objects, religion, magic, other

  • Word
    Definition with a period.
    • Adab
      words gestures
      A gesture common in Persad and Nejem. It involves inclining the head forward and lowering one's eyes while simultaneously raising the right hand, palm facing upward, toward the face. Used as a greeting.
    • Aketon
      words fashion objects
      A padded or quilted garment that is worn beneath or instead of armor.
    • Ale-Knight
      words insults people
      A drunkard; mild insult.
    • Armiger
      words people
      A person who has been granted their own coat of arms.
    • Ba Sing Se
      words phrases places
      Ba Sing Se is a city of ancient legend described in detail by scholar Tung Mei Huyan in her romantic poem City of the Lost. It was described as an empyrean, earthly paradise, hidden away in the mountains and valleys of Zhaoshang where it was removed from the worries of the outside world. It is said to be constructed of precious materials, especially jade, and its inhabitants are said to not know aging or suffering. For this reason, it is often used in hypothetical situations as an ideal world, and the phrase “there is no war in Ba Sing Se” has become an expression of longing for idyllic society.
    • Base
      words insults
      Vulgar or low. Can be used in polite company.
    • Bedswerver
      words profanity insults people
      A person unfaithful to the marriage bed.
    • Belle of the Ball
      phrases insults
      Sometimes used sarcastically/insultingly to describe someone who is arrogant or rude. Can also be used in a flattering manner, depending on context.
    • Bells
      words profanity
    • Bing a Waste
      phrases profanity
      Bugger off, leave.
    • Blash
      words objects
      Thin/weak drink.
    • Blimey
      words profanity
      A shortened version of “gods blind me;” considered very informal. See also gorblimey.
    • Bloodgift or Blood Gift
      magic other
      Magical powers that are passed down through noble families. Bloodgifts are more powerful and easier to control than other forms of magic, but they can only be granted as gifts of the gods to certain families.
    • Bonnie, Bellebon
      words endearments
      A lovely young man or woman; attractive in a soft/gentle way.
    • Breastband
      words clothing
      Cloth worn over breasts to keep them secure. A form of undergarment.
    • Bronzeshield
      words insults people
      A mediocre knight or warrior; implies that they are not skilled enough to be a Goldshield.
    • Bronzie
      words insults people other
      Refers literally to a bronze round, but to those more streetwise, a prostitute whose fee is low, implying poor quality.
    • Bugger
      words profanity
      Mild curse.
    • Cack
      words profanity
      Shit, or more literally, excrement. May also mean someone who is, well, cackish. Not used in polite company.
    • Charm
      magic objects
      Charms are tokens, usually worn somewhere on the person that impart magical abilities or protection to the bearer. They are often far weaker than elixirs, but do not have negative side effects.
    • Coldblooded
      words insults
      A mild insult implying callousness, aloofness, and greed
    • Conch
      words profanity
      Vagina, esp. in Persad. Does not refer to cowards or unpleasant females; this is not a gendered slur.
    • Courtesan
      words people
      Courtesans are educated and cultured people who provide comfort and company for clients. This often includes having sex in exchange for money or privileges, though they are considered above other prostitutes.
    • Prince(ss) of Norvik
      phrases people insults
      A nonexistent title used similarly to the 'Queen of Sheba,' usually meant to provide an outlandish comparison to someone's claims. Also commonly used by children as an antagonist in war games.
    • Craven
      words insults people
      Coward; cowardly.
    • Crossbiter
      words insults people
    • Crownstongue
      words language other
      The language spoken by nobles, a lingua franca of sorts, derived from an ancient Greek tongue.
    • Cuckold Horns
      gestures profanity insults
      A gesture in which one puts up their index and pinky finger up while holding the others down. Initially used to indicate that someone is being cheated literally or figuratively, but now more commonly a major insult which implies someone is stupid. Started in Persad.
    • Dog
      words insults people
      Henchman or guard.
    • Drawers
      words objects clothing
      An undergarment which is worn beneath trousers.
    • Drunk, Words for
      words profanity
      Crocked, flushed, fuddled, lushed/lush, sloshed.
    • Dumpling Shop
      phrases profanity
      A large bosom, usually associated with females.
    • Elixir
      magic objects
      A mixture of materials, turned into a potable substance that is imparts some sort of temporary magical powers to the drinker. They often have strong, negative side effects for the user and should not be consumed for long periods of time.
    • Elsewise
      words other
    • Faith, The
      words religion
      Colloquial term for Stateræs, the most widespread religion in the empire. More information can be found here.
    • Featherhead
      words insults people
      A foolish, lightheaded person.
    • Ferret
      words insults people
      A spy and/or coward. See also weasel
    • Fiddle, Fiddletales, Fiddlefaddle
      words other
    • Fig, The
      words gestures
      Involves placing one's thumb between the forefinger and middle finger. Generally considered rude, similar to raising one's middle finger; it can also be used to indicate the female genitals or a sex act. Began in Lucenna.
    • Filch, Filcher
      words insults people
    • Flick Off, Flicking Off, Flicked Off
      gestures phrases profanity insults
      Similar in connotation to saying someone was "flipped off," but refers instead to the sassy flick of a cloak to signal disdain upon departure.
    • Flicking the V’s
      gestures profanity insults
      Spreading one’s middle and pointer fingers in a V shape. Usually used in an insulting context.
    • Flower Prince
      words profanity insults people
      A playboy, a promiscuous man, a cheater.
    • Fopdoodle
      words insults people
    • For Faith’s Sake
      phrases profanity
      A more polite way of saying “for fuck’s sake.”
    • Fussock
      words insults
      An annoying or stupid person, oftentimes with connotations of advanced age.
    • Garderobe
      words places objects
      Toilet or place for relieving oneself.
    • Gardyloo
      words profanity
      An exclamation shouted out the window as one empties one's chamber pot, particularly common in cities. Also a form of mild profanity to suggest excrement.
    • Gift, The
      words objects magic religion others
      The ability of a person to produce magic. Most believe it is a gift from the gods other other supernatural forces.
    • Gob
      words objects
    • God, The
      words religion
      The male deity in the Faith's mythology. He may also be referred to by any of her other forms, which include the following: Father, Warrior, Hunter, Smitch, Brother, and Squire.
    • Goddess, The
      words religion
      The female deity in the Faith's mythology. She may also be referred to by any of her other forms, which include the following: Mother, Guide, Scholar, Huntress, Maiden, and Sister.
    • Gods’ Blood, Godsblood
      words phrases profanity
      And vartions such as “by the gods’ blood,” “by the maiden’s blood,” etc. is a polite form of cursing.
    • Goldshields
      words people
      A group of highly skilled warriors under the command of the Imperials. They are usually, but not always, knights. Their duties chiefly include protection, guarding, and carrying out urgent imperial errands.
    • Gollumpus
      words insults people
      One who is clumsy.
    • Goodbuns
      words objects food profanity
      A roll often eaten for breakfast produced en masse during Yuletide. Some people refer to them as "goodbread" to avoid sexual connotation, as it can be used to refer to someone's privates, especially the buttocks.
    • Goodbuns Growing Mold
      phrases profanity
      To contract a veneral disease. One might also say that the buns look moldy.
    • Gorblimey
      words profanity
      A shortened version of “gods blind me;” considered very informal. See also blimey.
    • Grapes
      words profanity
    • Gundygut
      words insults people
    • Halfmoon
      words objects
      A broken coin worth half its original value.
    • Half-Rat
      words profanity
      Partially intoxicated.
    • Harnessed Magic
      magic other
      The use of magic through certain arcane rituals and words. They are incredibly difficult to master and nearly impossible to understand.
    • Honeylover
      words profanity
      One who loves sex or frequents whorehouses.
    • Imp
      words profanity
    • Jerrycummumble
      words other
      Horseplay; fooling around.
    • Keep
      words places
      A fortified stronghold which is primarily meant for protection and defense rather than decoration. It may stand on its own (usually implying a small castle) or be inside of a larger complex.
    • Kirtle
      words fashion objects
      Loose-fitting dress that is unfashionable and rarely worn in public except by peasants and poor people. See also sack.
    • Leal
      words people endearments
      Loyal and exemplary, i.e. "my leal lords."
    • Lip clap, Lipclap
      words gestures
      Kissing, usually in a very deep way — “making out.”
    • Livery
      words fashion objects
      A fancy tunic worn by nobles meant to show off their status.
    • Lout
      words profanity insults people
      A stupid person.
    • Lucenni Rose
      phrases people
      A beautiful person from Lucenna.
    • Macaroni
      words people fashion
      A person who is obsessed with fashion, usually with an exaggerated and affected style of dress and speech. Macaroni, as some say, is not just a style; it’s a lifestyle.
    • Mayhap, Mayhaps
      words other
    • Mocksmith
      words insults people
      A counterfeiter; sometimes a liar.
    • Mooncalf
      words insults people
      An unborn baby; someone who is stupid; someone who is distant or easily loses concentration.
    • Moon Tea
      words objects
      A drink for women which reduces the risk of pregnancy during intercourse.
    • Moony
      words insults
      Foolish; infatuated; drunk.
    • The Morbs
      words other
      Melancholia and feeling down, i.e. “I've got the morbs.”
    • Moutza, mountza
      gestures insults profanity
      A Nejemese gesture in which the palm of the hand is shown to someone with all fingers raised. An insult to someone's entire family, including ancestors.
    • Namaste
      words gestures
      A gesture common in Persad. It involves placing one's hands together in a prayer position and bending the head forward as if bowing. It is used as a greeting, and is analogous to greetings performed in Zhaoshang.
    • Nickpot
      words insults people
      A fraudulent or false person, esp. a businessperson or establishment owner.
    • Niffnanny
      words insults people
      One who is foolish or trifling.
    • Occhiale
      words objects
      Devices used to aid vision; an early form of glasses.
    • Offering Bread and Salt
      phrases other
      To provide peaceful or neutral hospitality. May also refer to a white flag or proposition of truce.
    • Offering Libations to the Squire
      phrases profanity
      A euphemism for masturbation, usually referring to young men.
    • Paramour
      words people insult
      One with whom you’re having an affair, usually extramarital. See also courtesan. May be used as an insult to refer to someone who purposely leads married people astray.
    • Peasant
      words profanity insults people
      A lower-class citizen or someone who is not of noble birth. Considered a mildly vulgar or insulting term.
    • Persadian Goodbye
      gestures insults
      To give a Persadian Goodbye is to leave a party without bidding farewell or thanking your hosts. It's been associated with Persad for a long time due to their reputation as an unsociable people, and has regained popularity after the Royal Rebellion in relation to Rahim Sadik's about-face and departure from the Persadian-Nejemese alliance. Comparable to an Irish Goodbye or French Exit.
    • Petit Chou
      words endearments people
      Little cabbage, literally. Otherwise, a term of endearment for a loved one or significant other. Used most often in Lucenna.
    • Physician
      words people
      A person educated in the healing arts who has attained scholarhood at university. The non-scholar equivalent is known as a healer.
    • Pomme de Terre
      words endearments people
      Ground apple, or potato, literally. Otherwise, a term of endearment for a loved one or significant other. Used most often in Lucenna.
    • Principality
      words places
      One of the four region-states of the empire, so named because they are ruled by those with the title of prince and princess.
    • Randy
      words profanity people
      One who loves sex; sexy; scandalous.
    • Rice Bucket
      words insults
      Someone useless, because the rice bucket is only good for storing rice.
    • Sack
      words fashion objects
      Loose-fitting dress that is unfashionable and rarely worn in public except by peasants and poor people. See also kirtle.
    • Scholar
      words people
      Someone who has studied at one of the four universities and achieved mastery in at least one area of study. This is similar to our understanding of earning a degree or a doctorate, depending on the field.
    • Scut
      words people profanity insults
      Refers to the tail of a fleeing rabbit; if directed at a person, it implies cowardice and dishonor.
    • Seagoat in a Ballgown
      words profanity insults
      Varies by region. In Lucenna and Zhaoshang, usually meant to imply something or someone out of place or ridiculous looking. In Persad and Nejem, refers to a particularly lewd sexual act involving a cut of ribbon and a bucket of seawater.
    • Seeing Two Moons
      phrases other
      To be drunk.
    • Sfaíra
      words places objects
      The planet.
    • Shadowhide
      words objects communication
      Pairs of parchment made from the skin of a shadowcat. Anything written on one piece will instantaneously appear on the other. It is rare, and very expensive.
    • Sloomy
      words profanity insults
      Lazy, dull, sleepy.
    • Smallclothes
      words objects clothing
      Interchangeable with undergarments or underthings. See also drawers.
    • Smellsock
      words profanity insults
      Mild insult.
    • Snowflake
      words insults
      A mildly condescending but generally humorous term for someone from Zhaoshang.
    • Spider
      words insults people
      Spy or dangerous person.
    • Stateræs
      words religion
      The most widespread religion in the Empire, commonly referred to as “The Faith.” More information can be found here.
    • Study
      words places other
      An office or place of concentration.
    • Sun Tea
      words objects
      A drink for men which reduces the risk of pregnancy during intercourse.
    • Swive
      words profanity
      To fuck.
    • Temple
      words religion
      A place of religious worship for followers of The Faith (rather than church, mosque, or other words you may know).
    • Temple Bell
      words insults
      Someone who talks too much.
    • Thumb Biting
      gestures profanity insults
      Biting one’s thumb at the tip is usually performed in a dramatic manner, and considered a major insult.
    • Tiger, Tigress
      words people endearments insults
      A fierce, strict, and/or hot-headed spouse.
    • Tipsycake
      words objects food people insults
      Cake or desert soaked in alcohol; a drunk person.
    • Turncloak
      words insults people
      Traitor; literally someone whose cloak can be turned inside out to display different colors.
    • Turtle Egg
      phrases profanity insults people
      Turtle egg son, turtle egg daughter, turtle egg child, etc. This stems from the one-time belief that turtles could conceive from thought alone, making paternity impossible to prove. Implies that one might be a bastard or that their mother was sexually promiscuous.
    • Twiddle Diddle(s)
      words profanity insults
      Genitalia, usually the penis; someone stupid or confused.
    • Vassal
      words people
      One who is sword to another of higher rank; for example, the Desrosiers are vassals of the Coronas.
    • Villein
      words people insults
      Tenant farmer; serf. Can be used as an insult to imply low status.
    • Virgate
      words places other
      A piece of land farmed by peasants; usually equivalent to 30 acres.
    • Weasel
      words insults people
      A spy and/or coward. See also ferret.
    • Whore
      words insults people
      Prostitute; can refer to a male or female. May also be used in a derogatory manner. While sexuality is not frowned upon, common prostitutes are rather lower class, so calling someone a whore has less to do with the amount of sex they have and more to do with classism.
    • Wind-Sucker
      words insults people
      An envious, covetous person.
    • Wit
      words profanity
      Penis, esp. in Lucenna and Zhaoshang.
    • Yule
      words holidays religion
      A holiday which takes place on the winter solstice to celebrate the death of the old year and the birth of a new one.
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