Getting Started
Welcome to Imperium! We are a private roleplaying/worldbuilding group based around a fantasy renaissance (late medieval) setting. We focus on community, character development, and writing. If you need any help, check the the FAQ & Contact thread.

If you are looking for a "traditional" medieval fantasy / pseudo-British setting, you will not find it here. We strive to provide a diverse and unique environment: women have equal rights, diverse sexualities are accepted, travel is usually easy, and there are four royal houses who compete in imperial elections.

How to Join

  • Read the Guidebook. If you don’t, we’ll be able to tell. Note that you don’t have to read EVERY SINGLE THING to join; see below for instructions.
  • Check out the wanted and canon characters. You don’t have to choose one right away, but it’ll help you gain your bearings. Becoming a member doesn’t require you to develop a character, but you will have to write about a character idea on the joining form.
  • If you have any questions prior to joining, visit the FAQ & Contact thread.
  • Fill out the form on our member application page, which contains the rest of the instructions for joining.

What to Read

We know there's a lot of information to go over, and we don't expect you to read every single thing. However, you must read anything that applies to creating your first character, which includes:
  • Forum rules
  • Synopsis of plot & setting
  • The following will provide the most vital information about our setting: Hierarchy, geography, culture, and politics, and history (you can elect to skip to the most recent events).
  • Anything else directly related to your character: their house's information, magic if your character has magic, knight information if your character is a knight, and so on.

Our Roleplay & Character System

We transitioned to a private group partly because it allows for more flexibility of characters, as explained below. When you join, you don't have to pick a character and fill out an application. Instead, you will apply based on who you are as a roleplayer. If accepted to the group, you will be able to participate in the following.
  • Anyone can play an open character. An open character is one that does not have a primary player. Some characters, like those in important positions, will have limitations on how and where you can use them. All of this information will be readily available in their account profile.
  • Some open characters will have accounts or want ad, and some will not. If you want to play an open character, you can either ask a staff member for the account password (so we can keep track), or you can create a new account for that character.
  • A character’s primary player(s) decides who is allowed to play or NPC that character.
  • You are automatically the primary player for any character you create unless they are a major house character and/or included in a detailed want ad.
  • You can become the primary player of an open character by playing them in a thread. After at least three posts in a thread, family members / plot partners of that character can either accept or deny your request to be that character’s primary player. This is to ensure that nobody will get stuck with an interpretation of a family member / want ad that they do not agree with.
  • Primary player status of a character will be revoked if you disappear for 6 weeks without contacting anyone in our group about the fact that you will be gone. We do ask that if you will be gone for a long time and knowingly hold up plots that you discuss it with your partner(s).
  • Some examples of how this system can be used:
    • I am interested in a character or want to develop an idea, but don’t want to commit to that character. My friend needs an open character in a thread, so I volunteer to play them temporarily.
    • I want to create a full profile for a family character instead of just a want ad, because there are a lot of details I want to include.
    • I am going on vacation and am worried that my character will hold up a plot. I give a friend permission to play that character, or discuss how they can be used as an NPC until I return.
    • I am too busy or not interested in joining a certain thread. I give another player permission to play or NPC my character in that thread.
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