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Registration & Claims

Canon claims, face claims, rank claims and member directory information should all be posted upon acceptance in the Claims Index. Site points ("crowns") are claimed separately in the Shop & Bank thread.


Narrative Devices. This is your one-stop shop for in character news and events, as well as large plot discussions.

Post templates. DOHTML and BB codes for your convenience.

Achievement Claim. Win prizes for things in and out of character!

Shop & Bank. Earn and spend crowns.

Proclamations. All site events, activity checks, and general site news will be posted here.

Worldbuilder. This forum allows for collaborative worldbuilding and information about Ilium that is not found in the library. It is not required reading, but we do recommend that you read and contribute to anything that catches your interest!

Absence Forum. If you'll be gone for a while, please post here!

Imperium Tumblr. Follow for regular updates of news, want ads, and other content posted in the site tags.

Imperium Pinterest. Contains inspiration for fashion, house seats, hairstyles, food, and other things.

Forum Tips & Tricks

I Alerts. When you have new alerts, a number will appear beside your username at the top of the sidebar. Be sure to check them! You will receive alerts for receiving PMs, being tagged or quoted in posts, or new posts in topics/forums you're subscribed to. Go here to change your alert settings.

II User Tagging. Tag users in thread with this format: @[Character Name]. Make sure you include the brackets, or it won't work! That's the main way, and this other way is slightly more difficult but enables you to make the username different (such as just the first name). It works like this: [user=USERID,GROUPID]name/text[/user]. The user ID is the number at the end of the profile URL. The group ID corresponds with their member group: Lucenna (6), Zhaoshang (7), Persad (8), Nejem (9), Admin (4), Mod (10), or unsorted/regular link color (3).

IV Subaccounts. If you have more than one character, using subaccounts is the easiest way to link them together. Go here to manage your subaccounts. We also recommend that for all of your subaccounts, you check yes for "Push all alerts to my parent account (if subaccount)?" on the alert settings page, so you'll never miss an alert.

V Changing Your Username. It's easy! Just go here and submit your new name.

VI Tracking. If you track a topic, you can choose to receive alerts and/or emails whenever someone posts there. We recommend doing this for your character shippers and IC threads. To track a topic, scroll to the very bottom of the topic's page, and click "topic options." A menu will expand where you can click "track this topic." View your tracked topics in your user CP here. You can also track entire forums if you wish.

VII Quick Edit. Quick edit is automatically enabled on the forum. This means that when you edit a post, you will not have to go to a new page. However, if you want to change the topic title/description, see the UBBC buttons, and get more advanced options overall, click full edit. If you want to completely disable quick edit, you can do so in your account's board settings.

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