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Baron of Galatea
Percy Longstockings
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to live is the rarest thing in the world
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My Great Lord, My Baron
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Richard Madden
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Cheeky, curious, amicable, adventurous, creative
An irresponsible Desrosiers who needs to settle down – but he tells good stories.
He does not care for anyone except himself (false)
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improvisation, fast learning, kindness
Aimlessness, avoidance, messiness
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To find the Holy Grail (figuratively speaking)
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Percival has always felt like the least important of his siblings, and has thus striven to differentiate himself since the day he could walk. Now, he marks himself as a scholar possessed by wanderlust. In truth, however, he’s all too aware that he is a knight in neither name nor nature — Percy would rather flee than confront his monsters.

✯ percy here is an india jones-esqe adventurer and wannabe scholar, interested in tinkering, astronomy, geology, topography, culture, foreign lands, mythical creatures, magic, and being the resident steve irwin. much of his life is focused on making new discoveries and seizing the day in an effort to not waste his life.

✯ he's been around the block a few times, the block being the entirety of ilium and then some, so his curly-haired head is full of numerous fascinating stories he's all too willing to share. he's a personal guy, actually, and a good listener, so it's not hard for most people to get along with him. if he doesn't like someone, though, he can be a bit stubborn about it.

✯ it's very possible he's met your character at some point, because he's traveled A LOT. if he likes someone enough, he'll visit them multiple times, sometimes bearing gifts from distant lands.

✯ while ambivalent towards many things, he's deeply passionate about others. mostly educational type things. he tends to jump between ideas and projects, sometimes obsessively doing one thing while ignoring everything else.

✯ he hates being bored and is quite good at finding ways to entertain himself, even if they can be a bit strange. he also loves being right and thus can come off as a smartass, but he's also a grownup who can admit when he's wrong, thankfully for everyone.

✯ generally speaking, he's quite good-humored. his anger is slow to arrive, but when it does, it's some seriously righteous fury, and recommended by 0 of 10 scholars.

✯ he does, however, become exasperated sometimes, especially with people who don't quite understand his renaissance-era geekery. in present times, he would be an avid star wars fan. picture him looking pointedly at the camera like he's in an episode of the office.

✯ his sense of dry humor is largely unrivaled, and has gotten him into a few awkward situations. generally speaking, though, he's very polite, and very #honorable.

✯ percy's a mix of impulsive and careful: he'll rush into things, but somehow, his wild plans tend to actually work. he's toned down a bit from when he was younger, admittedly.

✯ percy is incredibly resourceful, quick-thinking, and nimble-fingered, which means he's quite good at things like picking locks and card tricks. in a more practical sense, it aids his more adventurous spirit, and makes him a good guy to have around in a fight.

✯ he cares very, very deeply about his family and friends, and has a genuine interest in people. though he may not always personally care about people, he has a deep-rooted sense of empathy for others.

✯ he doesn't sleep around much (too busy with SCIENCE for sex) and he's terrible with innuendo, unfortunately, but he's a very chivalrous type of boyfriend.

✯ he has some deep-rooted anxiety about feeling loved/wanted and proving himself to other people, which he never talks about. ever. #drink2forget
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