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 Ranks & Positions, mandatory
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Ranks & Positions

Imperial Council

Master of Law. Vishpala Singh
Master of War. Suyin Liang
Master of Coin. Colette Guillory
Master of Whispers. Leda Constantinou
Head Scholar Jing Qiao Huyan
Imperial Navy Admiral. Endymion Tempesta
Lord Commander. Gastón Guillory

Ducal Senate

Ducal house heads are on the senate UNLESS they are on the imperial council.
  • Bartholomieu Guillory
  • Camilo Tempesta
  • Isabella Morandi
  • Isidora Kartal
  • Jian Xun
  • _____ Liang (30, female)
  • Meixiu Song
  • Isra Sadik
  • Ramesh Johar
  • Renard Desrosiers
  • Didyma Constantinou
  • Veda Amir
  • Yasmin Misra
  • _____ Yilmaz (37, female)
  • Zhi Yin Wen

Goldshields, 4/25

Ladonic Order Personnel

  • Zyanya of Totlakah (NPC), lady commander
  • Totchtli of Totlakah (NPC), commander
  • Ixchel of Totlakah (NPC), commander
  • Bingwen Zhu (NPC), translator

Ladonic Order Members


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