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 Ideas, Quick Requests, & Matchmaker
Authored by The Staff (they/them, timeless)
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Jan 4 2015, 04:21 PM ✥ Permalink
Ideas, Quick Requests, & Matchmaker
This thread is for posting ideas for characters you'd like to see around the site, but you don't want to write a full blown want ad for them. Specific canons or just general ideas are all welcome. Feel free to snag any of the ideas here and change to your liking!

If you're interested in having your character be married or betrothed, feel free to post here or approach anyone who has posted here about matches. (Or, for that matter, if your character is the meddling kind, they can always try to find a match for someone other than themselves...) The form below is optional, but may be helpful.

Things to Remember

  • Matches are usually based on strategy rather than romantic attraction.
  • The following are considered most desirable: found in the first branch of family tree, good personal reputation, good house reputation, influence, and money.
  • If an heir marries an heir, one of them must give up their claim.
[post][impt][url=PROFILE URL]Character Name[/url][/impt] [b]Preferred Age Range of Partner[/b]: [b]Preferred Gender(s) of Partner[/b]: [b]Character Description[/b]: [b]Marital Offerings[/b]: (What could another character potentially gain from marrying this character? Money, higher rank, etc.) [b]Plot / Relationship ideas[/b]: [b]Preferences / Dealbreakers[/b]: (things you definitely do / don't want, if any!)[/post]

Authored by Anna (She/her, CST)
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Jan 4 2017, 03:43 PM ✥ Permalink
I'd love someone for Bellamy to be betrothed to! Sadik or Constantinou preferred, gender doesn't matter (unless they'd have to produce heirs). Warning: he is going to ruin this betrothal by eloping. Sry.

He is currently in Lucenna fucking around.
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