Isra Sadik -- Oh gods, a rumor that's true.
Isra Sadik -- Oh gods, a rumor that's true.
Hafsa Haroun -- I am surrounded by idiots, pass it on.
Isabella Morandi -- I am most glad that the law about walled cities was shot down. I can sleep better at night knowing that my people will be protected.
Béatriça Desrosiers -- My name isn't spellt that way, Priyuck.
Priya of Persad -- Beantrice Gilroy is a nerd pass it on
Bao Bei Huyan -- How nice it must be to have the time. Some of us are far too busy to even contemplate helping others
Isidora Kartal -- Should you require guidance, I will gladly assist. I know it is not easy as first.
Sunita Rana -- Sounds rough.
Meixiu Song -- I was in your position only a few months ago, and although times are tough, I managed to survive and I have faith you will be able to, as well. I wish you the best of luck.